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Construction Phase Plan – CPP

There are a number of things that you should do

Housing Multiple Occupation (HMO)

OverviewWe are experts in designing and building Housing Multiple Occupation

M&E – Mechanical & Electrical Sytems

Mechanical systems can include elements of infrastructure, heating and plant

F10 – Notification of a Construction Project

Embarking on a medium/large scale construction project requires notification to

Construction Design and Management Regulation (CDM) 2015

The HSE have ensured contractors work within a construction legal


Excavation can take place during the demolition phase of a


Architecture is both the process and the produce of planning,

We’ll help bring your project to life as your leading home builders.

Building Trust with Quality Work.

With 25 years of experience and skills in design and build of homes. We will complete the project within the given time scale.

Our team at JV Builders Ltd will ensure the client is content with the final end result. We offer a service of turn key projects. Please ask for details to see the project from start to finish.

JV Builders Ltd manage the entire project from pre-planning, design, construction, handover/close out and in-use. We professionally work with our clients to ensure all services are delivered to high standards and quality within the budget. Some things are unforeseeable which will fall under variations.

Look through our services to feel confident that the project will be completed with full satisfaction.

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