Pre-Construction Information

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The pre-construction information provides information for those designing, bidding for, or planning work and for the development of the construction phase plan.

The pre-construction information helps to fulfil the Construction Design and Management Regulation 2015 (CDM) principal designer role or designer role.

The CDM 2015 requires that the Client provides pre-construction information.

Pre-construction information” means information in the client’s possession or which is  reasonably obtainable by or on behalf of the client, which is relevant to the construction work and is of an appropriate level of detail and proportionate to the risks involved, including:-

(a) information about:-

(i) the project;

(ii) planning and management of the project

(iii) health and safety hazards, including design and construction hazards and how they will be addressed; and

(b) information in any existing health and safety file.

The “pre-construction information” should include the following:-

    • Project description and intended use of final structure/building.
    • Project description and programme details.
    • Extent and location of existing records and plans (such as relevant information from existing health and safety file and asbestos surveys).
    • Details of: Principal designer, designer(s), principal contractor, contractor(s) and consultant/others.
    • Client’s considerations and management requirements.
      • Planning and managing construction work and health and safety goals for the project.
      • Communicating with client and others.
      • Time allocated for each of the project sections.
    • Client’s considerations and management requirements.
    • Environmental restrictions and existing on-site risks.
    • Significant design and construction hazards.